At Quran Teaching School you can learn online Quran courses like Quran Reading with proper tajweed rules, Quran memorization by hear, word by word Quran translation, Quran Tafseer, Qirrat and Trateel and several other online Islamic courses including Kalima’s, Dua’s, and Prayers etc.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to study in a way befitted to your busy lifestyle, the Institute proudly offers online Quran classes by our suitably qualified tutors. No matter whether you want Online Quran Classes in London or Online Quran Classes in Manchester, these online Quran classes offer more flexibility and time for one-to-one student-teacher engagement. Quran Teaching School welcomes students of all levels from having no prior Arabic knowledge to students wanting to do Quran Memorization. Our well experienced and qualified teachers from leading Islamic Institutions to teach the Quran will ensure that you learn the Quran with proper Tajweed from day one.

The ability to learn Quran Courses anywhere, anytime, can be invaluable when you’re juggling work, family or both. Combine this flexibility with our commitment to support you through your Quranic and Islamic studies – and you will have all you need to get onto the path to becoming closer to your Lord.

We use state of the art online teaching tools to ensure high quality teaching without any interruptions or interference. Online tuition is available worldwide today

Online Quran Courses

First 3 days Quran classes are free of cost for everyone who want to learn holy Quran in our school, there is no fee for trail classes, if you satisfied than you can decide whether to continue or not to sign up for free online Quran classes please complete and submit registration form now.  Register Free Here